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PrinceAnna Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
forgot to watch you qq, BUT MERRY CHRISTMAS LIZ. ♥
ixLizzy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013

Anna!! I have JUST moved to a new account :iconturtlexshell:

PrinceAnna Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
o poo! *rewatches & copy and paste LOL.
lord-Stupidity Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
"Not accepting anymore! I'm sorry if I forgot you. I'm not sorry at all at all."

okay .
ixLizzy Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013

Brianna, I would have added you but, we barley talk now after I .. yea. :iconsadfaceplz:

I want to talk to you though :icondizzy-plz:
lord-Stupidity Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
oops i put at all twice.

DigitalGalaxy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank's for the watch, it means a lot! (:
Cuttixlol Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
I am Amy :3
ATBProducts Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
hey, guess what? /throws pie at your face
pewdiepie reached up to fifteen thousand subscribers! no seriously,

the most special day is . . .

well, it's belated now and i apologize for not saying it at the right time /slapsself .
anyways . . hi (。⌒∇⌒)。. it's actually been awhile since i've left and everything's changed. the only thing that hasn't is trish's addiction for chicken, still being brianna's drunk buddy and you. i'm glad you haven't changed from the process and being the silly you i've adored from the past months. i remember the first time we met was at facebook. i was invited to pocky family. i thought it was one of those stupid bannedstory facebook groups where they spam the hell out of you, i usually ignored them but somehow it brought interest into me. i didn't know what it was but it made me feel like it was a good vibe to be with so i gave it a try and hoping it won't be those groups cause hell, who the fuck enjoys being spammed on a daily basis? 

i looked through it and saw the mention of pewdiepie. you must be thinking, "oh that was why you were interested". the truth was, i wasn't a fan of pewdiepie around the time. i don't know why but i thought he was annoying since others keep saying "OMG HE'S THE BEST I LOVE HIM". i'm just like "no he's not". i didn't even look up at his videos or bio to even judge him. i was that blunt. i didn't know what happened next but i somehow started a connection with you and trish. we were having a great time and being ourselves. we didn't care about the environment around us. i'm not sure how but glad it happened. i was actually happy and care-free for once . . i have genuinely smiled after a long period of time of fake smiles. yes, i dated daniel at that period of time but he could never make me smile like you guys had. the pocky family has become my pursuite of happiness.

i would wake up every morning thinking of the pocky family. i felt like it was actually my family like you and tran being my parents and trish being my aunt. i was the dog of the family but that doesn't mean i can't have a good time, lol. the pocky family was a huge experience for me and made me realize something about myself and it was to be myself and something about family . . family really is a special thing, isn't it? but i didn't have a good childhood based on my past but let's not talk about that, ya? i made new friends and i actually became one of the owners from the pocky family. i learned about pewdiepie and suddenly becoming his number one fangirl on the pocky family, haha. i would always screenshot his reactions, remember? even though the family was underrated, it was just amazingly beautiful to me. it doesn't matter of the population. it only matters of the love and support given from the family. this family, i loved so much. i loved the environment i was and it influenced on me so much. i haven't been aggressive anymore and more care-free of myself. i wasn't so uptight like before. i think without the pocky family, i would lose my confidence within myself and be the same blunt girl i was before. i really am grateful to meet you, liz. i really am.

i'm sorry it's very long but it's all worth it to see you smile. i may not see what happens behind the screens, i just hope the best for you and know that, i'll be there for you. i know we haven't fought yet but who knows? it may happen but despite the conflicts have occur between us, i'll love you regardless. you mean everything to me and you're one of the people i care and respect. you've became a huge influence to my life and made me realize things i haven't before. if i haven't met you, i think i would've been gone a long time. you still hang onto me and didn't gave hope up for me so thank you. i'm blessed to have met you. i hope we continue this friendship forever. who knows? maybe i'll get to see you and trish. i'll bring michi along too, haha (“⌒∇⌒”) . .

with love, jassie-puppy. pocky family for life. woof woof~
ixLizzy Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
Wow. That is long!! I took my time reading it. 
//latereply. cries.

Jassie, you're an amazing girl I have ever met. We randomly became close friends
when you came back on facebook. Pewds...-brofist-
'' It's not called being gay. it's called being FABULOUS!!! ''

Okay, let's see what else should I write. cries. i don't know.
Daniel didn't make you smile like me and Trish did? WOAH. WHAT KIND OF BOYFRIEND IS THAT. -______- .
Me and Trish are happy that we make you smile and we give as much love and care!
I still play retros. wtf. weird.
The Pocky Family is going good these days. I picked the 2 new admins yesterday and there were no fights/etc, which was GOOD.

Jassie, if anyone lets you down or anything, just tell me, Trish, Michi, and/or anyone else that makes you smile.
I seriously don't know what else to write. cries. please help.

One quick question, when are you gonna go back to facebook? OOOOO:

~ with love and care, Papa Liz. #loveyouforever.

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